Feb 21            Intro to Alcohol Ink - Ages 12+ Create you own mini work of art 7-9pm $2
                       Ages 12+ Create your very own mini work of art! All supplies furnished. Wear old clothes or an apron.

Feb 28           Vinyl Cutting - Intro to using the Circut Cake 7-9pm Free
                       Learn to use our Cricut Cakes to cut vinyl, paper, and cardstock.

March 2         Book Folding -  Learn how to fold an adorable hedgehog and heart patterns. 12-2pm $2 per person

Mar 9            Paint Chip Art - Use paint sampler cards to make a charming geometric piece of art. 12-2pm $2 per art piece

March 16      Ribbon and Washer Necklace and Bracelets.  Make an easy ribbon and washer necklace and a chord and hex nut bracelet!                                            12-2 pm $2 for both!

Mar 21          Glass etching - Learn to etch glass and make a pretty patterned bottle. 7-9pm $2 per item

Mar 30         Cricut Vinyl Cutting - Learn how to use Cleburne Makerspace's Cricut to cut vinyl using any pattern you want.  Free